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iamtheeviltwin89: hiyo, peoples.
burusuexe: ...gee...
Michaelhandjr: Okidoki. Digi, if you may take the floor please?
lovehiei123: Hm?
Michaelhandjr: Tell them what youre feeling. Tell them your thoughts.
burusuexe: I think I've gotten everything out already...
Michaelhandjr: I see. But just in case... tell them. It may help more than you think.
burusuexe: we all need... something to believe in. right? if we believe that we can do anything, then we can do anything...
Michaelhandjr: *nod*
burusuexe: *speechless*
Michaelhandjr: May I post our talk Digi?
burusuexe: um sure?
Michaelhandjr: Michaelhandjr [8:20 PM]: Hey Digi!
Michaelhandjr: Say what?
Michaelhandjr: ONLY ONE LINE!?!
burusuexe: too long...
Michaelhandjr: One minute please.
iamtheeviltwin89: ...heh.
burusuexe: post it as an entry or something
burusuexe: and hiei... sorry for the pep talk...
lovehiei123: It's fine.
burusuexe: I feel bad and I want to leave you alone about it... but I can't make myself just up and drop it...
lovehiei123: I need it, regardless.
burusuexe: I guess so...
burusuexe: maybe it's just me that thinks that's powerful.
Michaelhandjr: http://www.livejournal.com/users/pikachu_117/21210.html
burusuexe: that's not even that much...
burusuexe: take them to somewhere_sum1 or boltdaggers_exe...
Michaelhandjr: Uhh.. ok.
lovehiei123: What?
Michaelhandjr: What does that mean now?
burusuexe: they're different journals I use to get everything out...
burusuexe: like when "writing is your friend when you have no friends"
iamtheeviltwin89: By the way...Art was the one who showed me those comment threads...I didn't find them myself...
iamtheeviltwin89: writing is your friend! ^^
burusuexe: because hiei is the one holding everyone together...
burusuexe: and writing... has been my only friend... for a long time.
lovehiei123: Wh... what?
Michaelhandjr: Oh. Hehe. You appeared out of nowhere... So I assumed...
burusuexe: you know what I mean... you hold us all together...
iamtheeviltwin89: I think...that's more of you...We all hold each other together to some extent..
iamtheeviltwin89: but you're the main component, I think, digi.
lovehiei123: Yeah.
burusuexe: I'm not that great a person...
iamtheeviltwin89: Don't say that!
iamtheeviltwin89: Are too.
burusuexe: I'm not!
lovehiei123: You are!
burusuexe: everyone here ignores me. at college, and everything... and online, it just gets worse...
lovehiei123: When I was grounded, and I got text messeges from you... it gave me hope.
burusuexe: that was a long time ago........
lovehiei123: Not so long ago. And I remember.
burusuexe: I think I'd saved those messages somewhere.....
burusuexe: that was neat...
iamtheeviltwin89: Who here ignores Digi? Raise your hand if you do.
burusuexe: well... not anyone here...
burusuexe: the other people who are my friends...
burusuexe: like you pika and hiei... that's it...
lovehiei123: Then everyone else... then they're jerks and don't deserve your attention because they can't see how great you are.
iamtheeviltwin89: (nods in agreement)
Michaelhandjr: Fehize too. I was talking to her earlier, and the first thing she asked was "Hows Digi?"
burusuexe: that's right... I'm the one who's lost and trying to find directions to my path because it had been moved somewhere... and no one will answer...
burusuexe: and fehize... her too...
Michaelhandjr: And Rogan.
lovehiei123: Rogan?
burusuexe: rogan_muffin
lovehiei123: Holy fucking crap, it's late...
burusuexe: no it's not... well yeah for you maybe..?
iamtheeviltwin89: O_O yeah, it is...
Michaelhandjr: It is?
lovehiei123: I have finals, as does Mel... what do you have tomorrow?
iamtheeviltwin89: Crap, I have history final tomorrow,
iamtheeviltwin89: I need to go to sleep...
lovehiei123: Me too.
lovehiei123: I have history and geometry
iamtheeviltwin89: I have band
lovehiei123: Ah.
iamtheeviltwin89: =free time
burusuexe: yay.
lovehiei123: that's fifth hour
lovehiei123: bug schulman/
Michaelhandjr: Free time! Whoo!
lovehiei123: but I can leave early!
Michaelhandjr: See Digi? People are here/
burusuexe: 3 people
burusuexe: and me.
burusuexe: that is enough.
lovehiei123: And Fehzie and Rogan.
iamtheeviltwin89: Did I hear SCHULMAN?!
lovehiei123: Just keep living, my friend, and so will I.
lovehiei123: Yeah.
Michaelhandjr: Well as soon as I fix my phone, Rogan too.
lovehiei123 has left the room.
burusuexe: yeah.......
iamtheeviltwin89: Well, I'm off to lala land myself...
burusuexe: everyone go night-night...
iamtheeviltwin89: (loud snore)
burusuexe: goodnight then...
Michaelhandjr: Night.
Michaelhandjr: Grr... Roagn fell asleep 2 minutes ago. lol
burusuexe: I just hope... things get better than this.......
iamtheeviltwin89: They will...
iamtheeviltwin89: Always imagine how it can be worse.
Michaelhandjr: They have to get better.
burusuexe: they just have to... feel the taste of my wrath XDXD
iamtheeviltwin89: For example, instead of failing two classes, I could be failing all seven! It could be worse!
burusuexe: stupid freaking firewalls...
Michaelhandjr: Whats happening?
burusuexe: I just remember that community...
iamtheeviltwin89: hehe
Michaelhandjr has left the room.
iamtheeviltwin89: I <3 that comm...
iamtheeviltwin89: bye, pika?
burusuexe: o_o
burusuexe: I think he got kicked off.
iamtheeviltwin89: possibly...
burusuexe: but he's still... talking to me...
iamtheeviltwin89: ic...
burusuexe: lol.
burusuexe: it's... freaky.
iamtheeviltwin89: (points at LJ) too much fun with photostudio...
Michaelhandjr has joined the room.
iamtheeviltwin89: Well, now I really am going to bed...g'night.
burusuexe: goodnight...
iamtheeviltwin89: hi pika bye pika
Michaelhandjr: Night.
burusuexe: XD
burusuexe: neat.
iamtheeviltwin89: ^^
Michaelhandjr: Bye. What did I miss?
burusuexe: um nothing... I think...
Michaelhandjr: Ok.
Michaelhandjr: U sure?
burusuexe: um no...?
burusuexe: I have to do a paper... gotta go.
burusuexe: and I... dislike goldenmane even more...
Michaelhandjr: Aww. Bye Digi
burusuexe: because she was there...
Michaelhandjr: Why?
burusuexe: and didn't say anything
Michaelhandjr: She was?
burusuexe: she's online.
Michaelhandjr: I cant tell... T_T
iamtheeviltwin89 has left the room.
burusuexe: she's not away or anything
burusuexe: and...................
Michaelhandjr: Im blocked. Invite her here. MAybe we can talk.
burusuexe: I have stuff to do... a lot of stufff...
burusuexe: and I don't feel like talking to her...
burusuexe: I would eat into her...
burusuexe: or punch her aka
Michaelhandjr: aka?
burusuexe: also known as.
Michaelhandjr: Ah. Shouldnt it be said before the statement?
burusuexe: whatever!!!
burusuexe: I like typos.
Michaelhandjr: Sorry!
burusuexe: besides... english is a horrible class
burusuexe: that no one needs.
Michaelhandjr: I see..
Michaelhandjr: Well... beofre you go...
burusuexe: go? go where?
burusuexe: me no go
burusuexe: me no leave.
burusuexe: me stay
burusuexe: and that you can believe.
Michaelhandjr: I thought you said you had to go.
burusuexe: bah.
burusuexe: I can do the dang paper tomorrow.
Michaelhandjr: Ah. Well if youre going to stay, we should talk to Goldenmane.
burusuexe: bah....
burusuexe: she is hopeless.
burusuexe: she's a friend, but not.
burusuexe: kind of like a cousin.
Michaelhandjr: Well why dont you hear her side of the story?
burusuexe: don't want to...
Michaelhandjr: You really should...
burusuexe: ...maybe after I cool down...
burusuexe: haha.
Michaelhandjr: Whats so funny?
burusuexe: I'm kinda like... pissed off... about nothing...
burusuexe: that's funny.
Michaelhandjr: I see...
Michaelhandjr: But Im sticking by my opinion. You really should talk to her.
burusuexe: ...and no.
Michaelhandjr: But why Digi? It doesnt make sense.
Michaelhandjr: It really doesnt...
burusuexe: Message is too long or too complex
burusuexe: XD
burusuexe: lol.
burusuexe: I forgot what I'd typed...
burusuexe: basically.... goldenmane needs a friend... who will be there to solve problems, not make them.
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Michaelhandjr: Did you ever consider yourself as the spice of her life?
burusuexe: spice as in cinnamon?
Michaelhandjr: Choas and problems are the spice of life.
Michaelhandjr: er... chaos...
burusuexe: she has plenty of said "spice"
burusuexe: chaos.
burusuexe: and whatsoever.
Michaelhandjr: Then why dont you help? Put yourself in her shoes, and pretend you didnt exist.
burusuexe: I would be crying because I didn't have a great friend to talk to XD
burusuexe: and she wouldn't have hope.
burusuexe: that's what hiei told me I granted.
Michaelhandjr: Exactly.
Michaelhandjr: See how important you are?
burusuexe: no... not important. don't say that.
Michaelhandjr: And now... pretend Goldenamne didnt exist. How would you feel?
burusuexe: something else.
burusuexe: and how would I feel..? I would feel like I lost a part of my family...
burusuexe: my real family.
burusuexe: like my sister... that I just met up with.
burusuexe: because my real parents... I don't know where they are.
Michaelhandjr: See? So talk to her. Show her youre there. Show yourself that shes there.
burusuexe: tomorrow pika... I'm going to bed instead.
Michaelhandjr: Promise me you will, ok?
burusuexe: I will maybe tell her... but that will sound... odd like you wouldn't believe.
burusuexe: how would it feel if you were called someone's brother... when you're not...
burusuexe: and promises... aren't to be kept.
Michaelhandjr: Yes they are... And how would I feel...
Michaelhandjr: Id feel happy, because someone sees me as a brother. Not as if Im some slave to be taken advantage of like my family does...
burusuexe: a brother is another term for someone looked up to and or cherished as a close friend who is like a brother in relation.
burusuexe: a sister... now that's... pretty darn special.
burusuexe: because I don't have a sister... in real life. I have goldenmane.
burusuexe: I have someone I can call my own? but that's not the words... either.
Michaelhandjr: Indeed. And you are Goldenamne are sisters. And youre like my sister.
Michaelhandjr: *hugs*
burusuexe: haha I'm everyone's sister...
Michaelhandjr: Now its up to you to define that.
burusuexe: sister equals someone who is turned to for advice and to chat and to sort out differences and to help out when no one else will
burusuexe: and is closer to you than your best fried
burusuexe: lol fried! I mean friend!
Michaelhandjr: While thats not what I meant, its a start.
burusuexe: XD
burusuexe: I think... I know...
Michaelhandjr: I didnt mean actually define sister.
burusuexe: I'm everyone's sister...
burusuexe: and in some cases, a brother... XD
Michaelhandjr: XD
burusuexe: some girl on my friends list said she had a crush on me...........
burusuexe: uh-oh.
burusuexe: long time ago though
Michaelhandjr: Hehe.
Michaelhandjr: Funny.
burusuexe: bad funny!
burusuexe: that's not right
burusuexe: what if she said 'marry me'?